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Who is Laura?

Who is Laura?

Good Question!  It’s very important that there is a connection between coach and client.  Before you choose to work with me, I hope you’ll take the time to get to know me a little.  I think that one of the most important things I want you to know about me is that I practice what I preach.  I love my life and was drawn to coaching as a profession because I want to work with you in creating a life you will love.

Laura was definitely a Godsend and helped me through the lowest point in my life. Her patience, finely-tuned listening skills, constructive criticism, troubleshooting, caring, compassion, and kindness…
Bradd B.
Laura is a fantastic coach!  She listens actively and works with individuals to really dig past the ‘surface’ to the heart of the issue.  She kindly yet persistently helps you face the root of your …
Laura R.
Working with Laura has given me opportunity to stop, and think, and work on myself, something that more often than not gets pushed to the side, neglected or not done at all!
Pam G.
Laura possesses insight, wisdom and patience. The questions that she asks and has you ask  yourself, often times results in answers that provide such insight and or clarity I find it hard to quantify.
Piper C.

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How Do I Get Started and What Can I Expect

The first step is to contact me for a free complimentary session. This is a 30 minute session where we will talk either on the phone or in person about your interest in coaching and what you really want. During this session I will explain the coaching process in more detail. If we decide that we would work well together and you are interested in getting started...

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