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Overthinking Is Not Helpful…and Other Life Lessons from Outside My Comfort Zone

 Last week, at age 48, I stepped out of my comfort zone and onto a gymnastics mat as I participated as a gymnast in the 15th World Gymnaestrada held in Helsinki, Finland.  This event is held every 4 years as a celebration of performance (non-competitive) gymnastics.  I was one of 25 participants representing Skyview Gymnastics and one of 250 participants representing the United States.  Over the course of 7 days, 21,000 participants from 55 different countries came together to perform over 600 hours of demonstrations and shows.  For me, this event was the culmination of a years worth of practice…


Being Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

I believe that it’s important to become comfortable being uncomfortable. Let’s be honest, life is often uncomfortable! When was the last time you remember feeling uncomfortable? Do you have discomfort triggers? Do difficult conversations cause you to squirm in your seat? How do you feel about public speaking, or how about watching someone who is struggling with public speaking? Does being in an elevator with strangers wig you out? What was it like to talk to your kids about the birds and the bees? Are you comfortable with people crying? Does it make a difference whether the crier is male…

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