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Finding Me

finding-meIf you are a regular follower of Wholistic Woman Retreats, then you know we are all agog over here about our upcoming retreat based on Carol deLaski’s new book, “Lost and Found”.  As I’ve been doing my part in preparing for this event, the question that keeps popping up in my head is, “What do I still hope to find in my life?”.

The answer is that I hope to find ME.

I believe that finding myself is one of my purposes in life.  Maybe my only purpose (I’m not sure about this yet).  But here is the tricky part….I also believe that I’m meant to evolve.  So how do I find something that is constantly changing?  Hmm…maybe finding myself is about living in the question of, “Who am I?”.  Who am I today, right now.  What layers of my former ME am I ready to shed so that I can discover the ME of right now.  What thoughts are no longer serving  the ME of today?  What is no longer true for ME?

So I guess that what I am coming to is that finding myself is going to be an ongoing process.  It’s going to be a journey, not a destination.  Finding ME is going to be something that I work on on a daily basis.  It will forever be the answer to the question, what do I still hope to find?  And you know what?  I am OK with that!  I accept that I am a work in progress.  Always.

Now it’s your turn!  How would you answer the question, “What do you still hope to find?”  We’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

Laura Hall is an iPEC certified life coach whose business, Hall Coaching, was established in 2009 with the vision of waking women up from the nightmares of “How did I get here?” and, “Is this as good as it gets?”, so that they can begin creating and living the life of their real dreams, hopes and desires. She offers both one on one as well as group coaching services. She can be reached at [email protected] or check out her website at www.hallcoaching.com


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